Unleashing the Power of Social Business to Bring Solutions to the Environmental Crisis

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Muhammad Yunus

Recipient of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, Professor Muhammad Yunus is internationally recognized as the founder of microcredit and as the father of social business. For more than 40 years, he has successfully worked to meld capitalism & social responsibility. In 1976, he created the first institution to provide micro-loans to empower the poor to become entrepreneurs. Grameen Bank has since lent more than USD 26.5 billion to those suffering extreme poverty across Bangladesh while maintaining a consistent repayment rate above 98% and has been replicated worldwide.

Complimenting his work with microcredit, Prof. Yunus pioneered the global social business movement. Today, he continues to advocate for businesses that are created to solve social & environmental problems. His early career as a professor of economics - followed by years of work with dignitaries and icons influencing global culture and economy - allow him unprecedented insight into the forces and industries that can affect powerful change through social business.

Aside from the Nobel Peace Prize, Prof. Yunus is the recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal & the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Only seven individuals in history have received all three distinctions. In addition he received more than 60 honorary degrees from more than 25 countries and more than 140 awards from more than 35 countries. For his constant innovation and enterprise, Fortune Magazine named Prof. Yunus in March 2012 as “one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time.

Prof. Muhammad Yunus

Co-founder & Chairman

Christina Jäger

Co-founder & Managing Director

Hans Reitz

Co-founder & Creative Advisor

Luise Wunner

Operations & Program Director

Kate Carrillo

Program Manager

Ina Ballik

Senior Project Manager

Johannes Sommer

Program Manager

Tam Phan Hanh

Venture Building Manager

Theresa Wolf

Communications Manager

Leonhard Nima

Venture Building Advisor

Konstantin Münchau

Program Manager

Dr. Catalina Molano

Funds & Accounting Manager

Nicolas Fischer

Project & Communications Manager

Anna Khudiiash

Program Manager

Paula Gutierrez

Incubation & Mentoring Advisor

Binh Huynh

Program Manager

Nathaly Rivera

Incubation & Mentoring Manager

Minh Dang

Senior Consultant

Juliet Onditi

Assistant Program Manager

Gabriella Kisoi

Research Assistant

Iyyappan Janakiraman

Assistant Program Manager

Mercedes Ribera Wansart

Policy Advisory Lead

Moritz Kolbe

Research Analyst

Seenivasan Varadharajulu

General Manager Zero Plastic Waste India

Kamelah Katenya

Assistant Program Manager

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We are a proud spin-off of The Grameen Creative Lab

Grameen Creative Lab (GCL) was set-up in 2009 by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus and his Creative Advisor Hans Reitz to serve society’s most pressing needs by promoting social business globally. GCL has taken an important role in the formation of the Social Business Movement by organizing the Global Social Business Summit and countless social business initiatives have emerged from it. GCL is the front-runner of the Social Business Movement and uses its expertise, network and resources to bring social business to new areas. Several spin-offs have been created that remain part of the GCL family. In 2018, the Yunus Sports Hub and in 2019, the Yunus Environment Hub were launched, both experts in social business to bring solutions to the sports world and in the environment crisis. Together we make the impossible possible.

What We Offer


We constantly grow an extensive pool of social business entrepreneurs that focus on environmental issues through incubator and accelerator programs.

Venture Building

We build new ventures together with companies, foundations and other organizations and replicate existing solutions adapted to the local context in new regions.

Consulting & Training

We share our know-how and solutions through training, ideation and co-creation formats to help organizations identify strategies to act upon the environmental crisis.


We enable community support networks, bring social business solutions to the international community and raise awareness for the urgency of the environmental crisis.

Our Contribution

Our solutions are based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals targeting a combination of different goals in each specific project, while always contributing to Professor Yunus’ vision of “A World of Three Zero’s”: Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment and Zero Net Carbon Emissions.

In his book A World of Three Zeros, Prof. Yunus mentions that capitalism is doing just what it is meant to do: create and concentrate wealth. He advocates rethinking the basic tenets of capitalism, given that poverty and unemployment demean so many people and that the climate crisis threatens life on earth.

Prof. Yunus questions Adam Smith’s assumption that a “human being is basically a personal-gain-seeking being” and asks us to consider the social dimension to the decisions and investments we make. He lays out a new framework, supported by his own successful economic experiments, for better tapping human capital to solve the world’s problems.

Our Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

We want to lead by example and have implemented several organization policies and practices to reduce our carbon footprint. With the support of our partner ClimateSeed we compensate our unavoidable emissions. ClimateSeed is of course a social business as well.

Learn how Yunus Environment Hub went Carbon Neutral here.​