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Yunus Environment Hub is the Global Social Business Network Creating Solutions for the Environmental Crisis

Implemented solutions across 40 countries

Social businesses incubated & accelerated
Social business entrepreneurs trained
Of entrepreneurs trained are women
73 %

Our History

We are a proud spin-off of The Grameen Creative Lab. Grameen Creative Lab (GCL) was set-up in 2009 by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus and his Creative Advisor Hans Reitz to serve society’s most pressing needs by promoting social business globally. GCL has taken an important role in the formation of the Social Business Movement by organizing the Global Social Business Summit and countless social business initiatives have emerged from it. GCL is the front-runner of the Social Business Movement and uses its expertise, network and resources to bring social business to new areas. Several spin-offs have been created that remain part of the GCL family. In 2018, the Yunus Sports Hub and in 2019, the Yunus Environment Hub were launched, both experts in social business to bring solutions to the sports world and in the environment crisis. Together we make the impossible possible.

“We aim to accelerate the fight against climate change and contribute to the SDGs. Together with Yunus Environment Hub, we were able to expand our global network.”
Sebastian Nunes, CEO ClimateSeed
“The incubator program helped to bring our social business to the next stage. We are glad to be part of such a supporting community.”
Julio César Bueno Cruz, Founder Andin Organic
“We are able to experiment with innovative recycling technologies to solve the waste problem in Bangladesh while creating income opportunities.”
Faisal Ahmed, Project Manager Grameen Precious Plastic
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