CirculaRise Course: Expert training in Just Transition for a Circular Economy

Welcome to CirculaRise, the course that links environmental and social impact through Circular Economy and Just Transition strategies. This course provides a clear implementation roadmap to the future of regenerative business practices across all industries including service businesses.  

Design solutions that create both environmental and social impact through Circular Economy and Just Transition strategies. This practical course enables participants to develop and implement strategies within their organisation on their transition.

Duration: 5 weeks

Learn how to build Circular Economy strategies that reduce waste, improve efficiencies, and ensure a Just Transition.

CirculaRise is a professional training course that embeds social criteria into Circular Economy strategy development. Participants gain in depth knowledge about circular transition strategies, learn to identify opportunities for social and environmental impact, understand how to measure and report impact metrics, and learn how to ensure a Just Transition in their business operations and along their value chain.   

Our practical, hands-on approach enables participants to develop and implement strategies within their organisation or advise businesses on their transition. From day one, participants work through real-life case studies to move quickly from understanding into action. Trainers guide participants through frameworks and tools, building expertise and confidence to implement inclusive, circularity strategies. 

The course builds off the success of our CirculaRise Accelerator, scaling best practice and frameworks to an online format to allow access to professionals across any geography. Our CirculaRise trainers bring years of hands-on experience training and coaching businesses to identify, pilot, implement and scale inclusive circular solutions.  

After completing CirculaRise, participants will be empowered to apply the frameworks to any organisational context and have unlimited access to all CirculaRise tools for future use. 

Join CirculaRise to gain the knowledge, tools, and confidence to help your organisation and clients contribute to environmental and societal change.



Understand the core principles of a Just Transition for a Circular Economy 


Connect circular innovations to social impact – in theory and practice


Apply frameworks to circularise linear business models 


Measure and communicate impact through data driven techniques

Who is this course for:  

CirculaRise is designed for sustainability professionals, innovators, management & business consultants and people driving change in their organisations.  It is open to participants from all locations or industries.   


Prerequisites and experience level:  

The course can be taken without prior in-depth knowledge of Circular Economy or Just Transition principles. Knowhow of sustainability and basic circular economy concepts is an advantage; however, theoretical foundations will be covered in the specific modules. Participants should have professional level experience (min 5 years) as specific organisational and value chain knowledge is needed to move quickly into the application of the learned tools and frameworks.  

Participants are invited to bring their own business case for the practical assignments, although this is not mandatory.


  • Become an expert in inclusive circular strategies 
  • Support your organisation in identifying and developing circular solutions for social good 
  • Link Circular Economy to SDGs and ESG frameworks in theory and practice 
  • Ensure a Just Transition within your business operations and along your value chain  
  • Learn practicable tools for circular business transformation and impact measurement 
  • Access to circular economy strategy framework and tools applicable to any business context 
  • Work with applied business cases during the learning experience and get feedback from your peers and trainers.  
  • Join the global YEH community  
  • Enjoy curated reading materials and valuable references. 
  • Earn a certificate upon successful completion of the course. 


Module 1: A Just Transition for a Circular Economy  

Dive into the core principles of Just Transition for a Circular Economy. Explore how the concepts can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Apply the learning contents to a business case and discover how businesses can become catalysts for positive change. 

Module 2

Module 2: Circular Economy Landscape Mapping and Diagnostics 

Uncover the terrain of circular opportunities. Learn to navigate the landscape of resources, identify potential partnerships, and understand the interconnectedness that fuels a circular economy via ecosystem mapping and in-depth analysis. 

Module 3

Module 3: Innovations for Circular and Social Impact 

Breakthroughs don’t happen in isolation. Explore how innovation frameworks can spark social change. We’ll delve into various tools to solve complex circular challenges and identify social impacts applied to a business case. Receive feedback on solution profiles and practice management reports.  

Module 4: Develop an Inclusive, Circular Business Strategy 

Transform your understanding of business models. Explore how circularity can be a driving force behind regenerative and socially responsible business practices. Develop a full-fledged roadmap for implementation, including impact KPIs.  

Module 5: Impact measurement for Circular and Social Dimensions  

Measuring and communicating the impact of your solution roadmap is key in getting the needed management buy-in. Learn with reporting standards are relevant for your business context and how to navigate complex reporting requirements.  


  • 5 weeks of blended online training  
  • 2 live sessions of 1.5h per week  
  • Approximately 10 hours of self-paced learning and assignments 
  • Curated readings and references 
  • Practical assignments with detailed feedback 
  • Applied case study on chosen topic


1,300 EUR including VAT 

5 weeks of online course, includes certificate, unlimited access to course contents and downloadable materials, personal support, assignment feedback, access to the YEH Global Community. Read more in the Terms & Conditions. 


Our trainers are seasoned practitioners that bring firsthand experience working directly with business owners and leaders to identify opportunities to circularise their business models or processes. In addition to our trainers, participants will also benefit from subject matter experts who support throughout the course.

Luise Wunner

Circular Economy Expert and Lead CirculaRise Trainer

Ambrose Mbuvi

Business Strategy Coach and Core CircularRise Trainer

Leonard Mwasi

Innovation Expert and Core CirculaRise Trainer

Julie Chrysler

Just Transition Expert

Bramwel Omondi

Circular Business Model Expert


Join our free Masterclass to get a preview of learning objectives, first insights into tools and frameworks and to ask questions.  

Upcoming dates: 

Thursday 9 May: 14:00 – 15:30 UTC +2 (Berlin) 

Tuesday 14 May: 14 – 15:30 UTC+2 (Berlin)