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Krithika Ganesan

Program Manager

Krithika Ganesan is a Project Manager at Yunus Environment Hub, where she manages the Circular Ecosystem Innovation Evaluation program in Bengaluru. Her dedication to the solid waste management sector stems from a profound commitment to enhancing the quality of life for marginalised communities.
With an educational foundation in Sociology, Krithika possesses both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, equipping her with the skills to examine the intricate cultural and societal challenges at hand skillfully. Throughout her four years of experience, she has specifically focused on conducting research, fostering government partnerships, managing collaborations, and facilitating knowledge creation in the fields of education and solid waste management.
Outside of her career, Krithika is a passionate outdoor runner who utilises this pursuit to explore diverse urban landscapes. She has traversed the streets of 10-12 cities across the UAE, India, and China and aspires to broaden her global running adventures. Furthermore, her profound love for theatre, cultivated since her school days, fuels her aspiration to return to the stage in the future.