Leshan Waithira

Communications Coordinator

Leshan Waithira serves as the Communications Coordinator at Yunus Environment Hub, showcasing her prowess as a versatile professional in the fields of communication and media. Her expertise encompasses development communication, broadcast journalism, public relations, digital marketing, copywriting, videography, and photography. Leshan possesses a deep-rooted passion for Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Climate Change, End Poverty, and Gender Equality, as well as Global Governance.
Before joining Yunus Environment Hub, Leshan held the position of Communication Consulting Officer at KCIC Consulting Limited, where she extended valuable communication support to clients and partners. Furthermore, she actively contributed to coordinating special programs at KCIC Consulting Limited to address critical environmental issues through sustainable solutions. She has gained experience as a news reporter at Chuka University Radio during her internship, further enhancing her journalism skills.
Born and raised in Kenya, Leshan aspires to reshape the discourse around climate change, nurturing a vision where individuals collaborate harmoniously to mitigate its effects.
She holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Chuka University, alongside a professional Certificate in Global Governance and Diplomacy from the European School for Leadership Development.
During her leisure time, Leshan watches documentaries and enjoys travelling.