Tram Tran Bao

Project Support Intern

Elisa, also known as Tram, works as a Project Support Intern for the Zero Plastic Waste City project in Vietnam. With her skills and knowledge, she wants to dedicate her time and effort to this project for a better environment.

Tram went to a community college in the United States of America for around 2 years and a half. She received her high school diploma and her high honor associate degree. She worked as a student mentor ever since she set foot in her school until she graduated. With the experiences as a student mentor, she has sharpened her communication skills, social skills as well as team-leading skills. She achieved a scholarship worth of 12,000 dollars per year when she applied to Seattle University. Elisa decided to attend RMIT University in the future to pursue her higher education.


Her hobbies are drawing and baking. She spent some of her free time to work as an art freelancer in the summers. Besides, she loves studying languages and plans on taking Mandarin classes in the near future. She believes a positive mind leads to good outcomes in everything she does.