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Johannes Sommer

Program Manager

Johannes Sommer joined the Yunus Environment Hub on a scholarship from the German Federal Ministry for Cooperation and Development. Previously, he was involved with the NGO Engineers without Borders, leading a waste management project in Zimbabwe. In this context, he engaged in the topic of plastics recycling with a focus on infrastructure-weak regions. With an engineering and economic background, he is now committed to environmental issues and social business. Additionally, he gained relevant experiences in battery technology, lifecycle assessment and consulting. 


Born and raised in Germany, he has worked and studied in Germany, the US and Indonesia. He holds a post-graduate degree in Management from TU Munich and an undergraduate in Aerospace Engineering. As a medical courier for time-critical bone marrow and stem cell products, Johannes has frequently been travelling around the world. Besides his passion to travel and explore, he loves both the sea and the mountains. You will find him outdoors, whether kiting, surfing, mountaineering or hiking.