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Adrian Garaycochea

Research Analyst

Adrian joined YEH as a Research Analyst, focusing on the potential effects of introducing plastic credits as an innovative financial instrument in Southeast Asia’s informal waste sector.

Prior to joining YEH, Adrian was a Professional Environmental Intern at the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment and Golder Associates. Afterwards, he joined an Antarctic expedition as a Research Technician from the National Antarctic Institute. For the last four years, he has served as a Junior Environmental Coordinator and Environmental Engineer at Hochschild Mining PLC.

Adrian holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering, and currently, he is a Master of Environmental Management Candidate at Yale University, focusing on Industrial Ecology and Green Chemistry.

He was born and raised in Arequipa, a city surrounded by three majestic volcanoes in the southern part of Peru. He is a passionate surfer, and his favourite surf spot is Chicama, the longest left wave in the world and the first one to be protected by National Law. One of his favourite books is “Building Social Business” by Professor Muhammad Yunus. This inspiring book introduced him to a new kind of business dedicated to solving humanity’s social, economic, and environmental problems.