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Seenivasan Varadharajulu

General Manager for Zero Plastic Waste India

Seenivasan works as General Manager for Zero Plastic Waste India in Puducherry where Yunus Environment Hub is implementing programs to improve municipal solid waste management and circularity for waste materials.

Seenivasan is an environment enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in the plastic industry having worked for the biggest dumpsites in India (Jawahar Nagar – Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) and several plastic recycling companies. During the work life he spent a lot of time with waste workers and rag pickers in this sector and is committed to contribute to the waste management sector at large. He has developed processes for collection of plastic waste from solid waste, defined sorting mechanisms as well as the best possible ways of processing plastic waste. Seenivasan successfully commissioned plastic recycling facilities in different parts of the country and was able to steer a team to reach the expected results by applying efficient operating systems and converting waste into useful products.

For Zero Plastic Waste India Seenivasan oversees facility set-up, machinery design & vendor evaluation, sourcing strategy, partnership building, human resources, legal, and operations. He enjoys handling new product development processes starting from feasibility, program management, product validation, trouble shooting in the process until the product can be launched. Having a strong foundation of working on quality assurance for automotive parts, he is well versed with establishing systems & processes, thereby ensuring the actions and tasks are system driven instead of person driven.

Seenivasan is known for demonstrating leadership whenever needed, acting as coach & guiding the team during challenging times, he is committed to get expected results and has a serviced oriented mindset, but most important he works with joy!

“In order to achieve the goals, vision and mission set for the organization I am demonstrating to walk the extra mile.”