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Collins King'ori Koigu

Program Assistant

Collins is a Program Assistant at Yunus Environment Hub. He is supporting the Build Back Better program in Kenya.

Collins previously worked as an intern at Kenya Climate Innovation Centre, where he was able to develop a passion for becoming a part of an organisation that helps businesses all over the globe create sustainable ways of operating in order to secure a better environment for future generations. He obtained expertise working with start-ups in a variety of industries, including renewable energy, agribusiness, waste management and commercial forestry.

He possesses a diverse set of abilities in finance, economics, data analysis, financial analysis, and modelling. Collins’ aim is to influence and propel growth for sustainable businesses focusing on waste management, agriculture and energy efficiency. He also aims to encourage growth and development and promote job creation, community growth and sustainable business practices. 

In his leisure time, he likes learning new skills and languages such as German. In addition, Collin enjoys spending time with his friends and family, engaging in outdoor games and activities such as bowling, football and discovering new places.